The Family Name


Our Family Name.

Our family name is from a farm at "Kjerring°y" (Old woman's islet), beside "Bod°", with the same name. On this farm (Named Alsos) lived several family with different family names. Public record from 1886 of "Nordfolden-Kjerring°" county say that the farm was inhabited by five families. These was: Kristensen, Pedersens, Larsen, Hansen and Ovesen.
How many of these that claimed the family name Alsos is unsure, but several of the families did that. We descend from the family Hansen, and our family claim the name Alsos when they moved to "Andenes, Nordland" in the north of Norway.
Here, a large family of name Alsos has grown from these old days.

Alsos is Greek and means sacred grove or orchard.

Alsos is also a grove or park in the town Athens, Greece.


The family name Alsos, as a last name, I always have felt as a strong name.
I have in several years wondered of its meaning.
And I have come to an little suspect explanation, but its never the less my own.

ALSOS consist of two syllables.
It's first AL. I have realized that this is an abbreviation as the rest of the family name, which is SOS.
SOS is a distress signal from old times, used on all world seas, and means "Save Our Souls".
This has got me to wonder through many years, what AL could mean.
This had to mean something with relation to SOS, which has relation to believing. And as SOS has relation to believing, I realized that it could have only one association only.
In fact: "Almighty Lord".

Then we are standing with:

"Almighty Lord Save Our Souls"

Stronger association to a family name, I don't believe exist, and it make me proud of my family name...

Under this domain you will find:
(A tribute to our Lord)
(Text in Norwegian and English)
Private page with a lot of fun!


The name Alsos was also used by the allied forces at the end of world war II, as a name of a team which had the mission to clarify how far Germanys development of nuclear bombs was developed (Team Alsos).

Today, the name Alsos is used in historical, present and future studies of nuclear physics,
"The Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues".

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